Weekly Funny Flash Fiction Published on Sunday!

Dateline: Boulder

I publish my funny flash fiction stories on Sunday. I also publish a second two-minute script on Sunday (The first gets published on Wednesday.). I also publish all three of my dailies on Sunday: IN THE DARK, Penny-a-Joke, and a Daily Page of Dialogue Jokes.

I am temporarily suspending my LEARN TO DRAW project until my carpal tunnel is under control.

Instead, I’ve switched gears and am now writing two-minute scripts again. I’ve written nine in the last three days and three a day seems the right amount for now. All are intended as exercises to assist me in creating a cast of characters for the Happy Hour Dispensary. These stories should start appearing on this web-site in April.

Here are the titles of what I wrote yesterday:

  • Afraid of Bees
  • I’m Dying, Surely.
  • Wear Your Gloves



Here is what I published earlier this morning:

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James Maxwell