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Dateline: Boulder

All of my dailies have been posted.

I injured my wrist learning to draw, so I’m taking a break learning how to illustrate my scripts. Instead, I’m using the obstacle to accomplish something else that needs to be done.

I’ve decided to start creating the characters that will populate the Happy Hour Dispensary (and mingle with the Milano crowd.).

To do this, I’ll pull out my collection of dialogue jokes I earlier assembled. I’ve already decided that Renew (whom you’ve already met in earlier stories and plays.) will be the manager of the store. His Grandfather, Pops, will be the owner. Pops will be widowed and living with his daughter and her family (husband, son – Renew – and other younger children.)

Yesterday, I wrote the first three scenes. The process I use is to take a dialogue joke and imagine WHO might be saying the lines. I then imagine WHERE they might be when they say the lines. The third required element to add to the joke is the WHAT the story is going to be about. It isn’t necessary to worry about plot when you use a joke because the plot (the joke) is already there.

In a joke, there are at least two characters each with wants and needs. The resolution of the joke tells us whether or not the characters got what they sought, and so it’s fairly easy to complete the STORY of the joke and give it a beginning, a middle and an end.

The purpose of the script writing at this phase is character creation, anyway, not plot.

However, having said that, as the characters develop their story seems to develop as well. I would even venture to say that characters and their story are inseparable. The birth of a character is also the birth of their story. This is significant to me internally because I wrote all 9300 jokes as an exercise to connect with the inherited language of my collective unconscious. When I use the joke as the kernel of a script, I’m allowing these voices to arise from within. My stories can then be said to be inherited from my ancestors. And if you trace your ancestors back far enough, you come to the source of life itself.

Where are the titles of the stories I created yesterday (these stories should start appearing in a few weeks as two-minute scripts):

  • Blueberry
  • Learning Curve
  • Out of Touch

Here is what I published this morning:

Daily IN THE DARK cartoon: Explain Yourself
Daily Penny-a-Joke joke panel: Buy This One
Daily Page of Dialogue JokesJokes 934-945
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