New Two-Minute Script Posted Moments Ago!

Dateline: Boulder

I added a new two-minute script this morning, but not just any script. Today I posted the scene that inspired the title of my epic tale: Up the Alley. The epic is about the homeless in Boulder and juxtaposes images of the happiest city in America with that city’s homeless population. The title refers to the place where the homeless, who are no longer citizens, must go to smoke their pot since they are not eligible for medicine due to a lack of residence.

I also posted my daily publications. They are:

Daily IN THE DARK cartoon:  I Hurt My Toe

Daily Penny-a-Joke joke panel: Permission

Daily Page of Jokes:  Jokes 614-622

Most of my focus these days is on learning to draw. If you would like to follow my progress, go to this link: LEARN TO DRAW.


James Maxwell




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